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Welcome and Enjoy!--Thank you for taking the TIME to BE HERE NOW.! Some exciting News! My "Journey to Asia " Art/Photography Exhibition was a Great Success. thank you to Talia and Artists in the Falls for graciously Supporting my endeavors! ..Thank you so much to everyone who helped out Also my recent Exhibit "Travel and Transformation- a Visual Journey" 1/11/14- "at Pitman Photo Store Was so Fantastic-it was up all month in January... thank you Pitman photo for allowing me to share and sell My artwork in your wonderful store and Exhibition room. Photos from all my shows are posted on my Rochelle Berman Photography Facebook page and websites and blog. Hot off the Press!! My next show is " Essence of Triumph and Color" at the gorgeous Art Fusion Gallery in Wynwood- it will be up for all of April, May and June 2014. Opening reception is April 12, 2014 with wine and food and music! Please Follow me and stay posted for more details soon ;) Www.rochelleberman.com. Please Call me for commissioned work and special promotions at # 540-999-8540

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